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"Power Broker"

HGTV / Johlt Productions

These photos are from “Power Broker,” shot for San Francisco-based Johlt Productions, starting with the pilot in the spring of 2012 through Season One continuing into early 2013.  The show was shot on the just-released Canon C300.  We started with the EF-mount version of the camera. But after a weekend of shooting, We switched to the PL-mount version of the C300, utilizing the Able-Cine HDx35 Adaptor to allow for the use of B4-Mount lenses.  This allowed the ease of operating a traditional ENG-style zoom lens, (as is typical on a reality show), but with the beauty of the depth of field of Super 35mm that the C300 affords.

Photos copyright 2012-13 by Brian Tweedt, Avery Hudson, and Clark Todd.  Please do not copy or download.

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